Visitor Comments

A select of Heritage Centre Visitor comments

 “Super interesting, Knaresborough keeps on giving with its history and heritage.  Thank you. “

“It was so much fun to learn more about Knaresborough and see all of the things that people found.”  Jack

“I have been inspired!  I might try mud larking! – but I will bring anything I find here.  What an amazing space for our community to enjoy.”  Hannah Gostlow, Mayor of Knaresborough.”

” What a great pleasure and privilege to be invited to cry at the Opening Ceremony of the new Knaresborough Heritage Centre.  This wonderful museum is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all the volunteers involved and a great asset for the town.  We wish you every success for the future.”  Mark and Andrea Hunter.  Knaresborough Town Crier.

“Great information. I’ll be back next year hopefully.”  Gail (Falkland Islands)

“Many congratulations to all the team for making this happen, it is a significant achievement.  Bringing so much of our history to life, in so engaging a way is a difficult thing to do, but you did it brilliantly.” Andrew Jones MP

“This is really interesting; I will bring all my visitors here.”