As part of bringing Knaresborough’s heritage to life, KMA is reaching out to and engaging with those in the local community who are interested in the town’s heritage. As part of this, we will be hosting monthly informative talks from fascinating guest speakers – some local faces, some from further afield. Topics featured will include archaeology, social history, geology, ecology as well as broader historical subjects. Many of our speakers are published authors who may bring copies of their works for sale and signing. These talks will take place at COGS, HG5 8AN  (Chapel St, main entrance) at 7:30 pm with doors opening at 7 pm and will last about 45 minutes, with extra time for questions. Tickets are priced at £5 per person. Refreshments will be available. Advance booking is advised.

Dates so far:

Jon BuglassFewston GraveyardWeds 19th June 2024
Keith WilkinsonNidd Gorge Geology/ArchaeologyTues 23rd July 2024
Tabbetha AtyeoFamily Talk at 6pm – Medieval Clothes from Inside Out
In medieval days, what you wore, the material used, and
how you wore it told everything about you.
Adults with children welcome
Tues 22nd Aug. 2024
Claire JoiaLinen Industry in KnaresboroughTues 17th Sept. 2024
Tony MorganGuy Fawkes – The Gunpowder Plot and the Yorkshire ConnectionsTues 22nd Aug. 2024

Reviews of Previous Talks

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the talk by Edward Harrison.
I am in awe of the information he possesses on such a great variety of everyday objects, the history of them, their uses and the people who owned them or used them. He made history come alive and be meaningful.

I greatly appreciated being able to hold and closely inspect several artefacts. I particularly liked the highly decorated washing bat. I had seen similar carvings on Māori paddles and Fijian war clubs, curtesy of The Antiques Road Show, but I had no idea that such intricate carvings were also made in Britain on domestic objects.

The meeting was over far too quickly for me and I look forward to your next talk.