St Robert & the Trinitarians

St Robert’s far-reaching influence, a little remembered priory, and the aftermath of the Dissolution are the  focus of this medieval detective story. We are exploring new and fascinating evidence of stunning masonry, engineering and scholarship, as well as trying to solve the mystery of whether Knaresborough was once home to a leper colony. 

Investigations into the history of Knaresborough’s Trinitarian Priory and associated leper colony are underway helped by local landowners and residents, medieval academics, two local archaeological societies, and the archaeology departments of Leeds and York Universities. The discovery of illuminated manuscripts, letters from Elizabeth I and other Tudor monarchs, carved heads, intricately carved masonry and clever water management systems have made this research project incredibly exciting. Our research aims to shine a light on the Trinitarians’ lives and the buildings they inhabited as well as on the aftermath of the Dissolution.